Through our workshops, current and potential leaders engage in a wide range of interactive processes tailored to their specific context that develop their ability to build trust with other stakeholders.

Promethean Community is for leaders who understand the power of collaboration for tackling complex social challenges

Promethean Community is for leaders working on complex social challenges around the world who seek to increase their capacity to drive social innovation.

We currently support leaders in communities, international development organizations, NGOs, foundations, universities, and government.

What we do

We help your teams connect, collaborate, create and complete your projects!

Who Is It For?

Promethean Community is for organizations who want to improve the efficiency of their teams in tackling social and environmental impact projects

How Can We Help?

Our interactive workshops include tools and exercises that help shift mindsets and enhance collaborations in a quick, deep, and long-lasting way

What Do We Offer?

Improved relationships and communication for efficient collaboration, as well as strong working relationship and ongoing synergy for multi-stakeholder projects
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About Our Methodology

Our dynamic, inclusive methodology blends the approach from the world of design thinking, improv theater, and systems thinking
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Promethean Community

After engaging with us, leaders will be able to:


Connect, collaborate, co-create, complete

Promethean Community was named after the Greek Titan Prometheus. He stole the fire of the Gods on Mount Olympus to give it back to humanity.

We believe that wherever there is a community that has lost their creative fire, we want to connect them with their own Prometheus to steal it back!

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